Thread: Work in progress Redoing my rig air to watercool
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Default Redoing my rig air to watercool

I am not sure this should go here, i am redoing my once water-cooled that i switched to air and am now going back to water-cooling.

I am not very good at doing the kind of case builds that i normally see here, would you like to see something from joe average? maybe even joe the butcher?:)

system is
Asus p9x79 deluxe
Msi 7970 Lightning
16 gigs ram, will have to look at brand when i strip it this weekend:)
Thermeltake Mozart Tx case.
Corsair tx750 psu

Water cooling stuff i am doing
Heatkiller 3.0 cpu
Heatkiller SB and VRM blocks
EKWB 7970 ltg gpu
XSPC dualbay res with my old 655-b pump
Primochill 1/2 x 3/4 uv red tubing
swifttech mcr 240 rad
coolermaster 240 rad, my old one.

i have reached the end of my budget so no fancy cable sleeving, might revisit that at a later date

i really do want to try to do a nice job on this one, but have never had a good head for crafting, i am an auto mechanic by trade, when i need house repair that needs to look good i have friends that i trade fixing there cars for fixing my house:)

i need to re size some of the pics i have now down a bit, whats a good res for including in the forums?

So, should i post it here? or just the completed case in the picture gallery forum?
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