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I just thought considering I have almost no money this would be a cool experment. Theres no real reason I deserve something for nothing, but I was thinking I could drive around the Golden Horshoe area and round up a bunch of old obdolete pc parts from forum members and put together my first computer like that. I would make like a work in progress thread and postb pictures and videos. I just thought it would be a cool experiment.

I'm open for doing stuff to get old parts, its just I dont know where to start. I'm just looking for suggestion here.

I was hoping the forum members could guide me, and help me along the way.

I was going to post a part list like:



And go around collecting donations/doing anything for old pc parts and come back here and post updates. Then you guys could give me input and advice on what I still need to find and do/make sure its all compatible snd such. I would be posting pictures and videos and recording where I went to get the parts ect.

I'm open to ideas here Im so eager to get into this and have wanted to build my first pc for so long.

Thank you and any input would be so helpful.

Also if anybody thinks they know somewhere I can get parts or has parts to contribute, let me know and maybe ill post a full list and get this thing off the ground.