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Thanks for your response.

I didn't download the drivers via, I just went to and looked for my drivers there. Also tried to use the drivers from the included disk.

I'm using a standard Philips 22 inch 1080p monitor, plugged in via HDMI with no adapters whatsoever. I did connect the monitor via a standard 3.5 inch audiojack for sound to the computer.

There is only one HDMI port on the graphics card, and no i'm not using the one from the mainboard.

Not running any Lucid Virtu drivers, I just deleted the drivers by executing the driver installation file, and I chose for 'uninstall'.

I haven't tried disabling the onboard graphics in the BIOS yet. It's so frustrating that everything (except gaming) works perfectly without drivers.

I'll have access to the computer thursday, I'll try updating the BIOS, disabling the IGP and download some new drivers on

Thanks for your help! It's greatly appreciated.
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