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Default Extremely annoying VGA-driver

Hey everyone,

I recently bought some components and I'm having troubles with the VGA-driver.

Installed a HD 7770 Ghz Edition from Club 3D via HDMI, together with a i5 3450 and ASROCK H77M mainboard.

When there's no VGA-drivers installed, the PC functions normally (gaming doesn't work, but that's pretty logical)

When I tried to install the VGA-drivers, I ran in some troubles. Used beta drivers, recent drivers, even the CD-drivers, and they all don't work. The display is not fully filled (borders), and all sound is gone. It's connected to some monitorspeakers.

So I deleted the drivers, but it's not optimal because I can't get gaming to work without drivers.

Here's a Speccy link.

Would a BIOS update help? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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