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Default Silly WC question

I bought my H100 last october. The past few days in BC have been the first time it's dealt with summer heat, and I'm finally seeing why people call it loud. Vaguely considering a WC setup, but I had a stupid idea pop into my head and I'm curious if anyone has an answer. You can tldr the second paragraph.

Say I wanted to cool my GPU and CPU with the same loop, using, say, a 360mm radiator. If I connect them in series, probably CPU first since it puts out less heat and has lower thermal tolerance, the second component (GPU) in the loop will run hotter than if it were the first component, correct? My CPU probably dumps 100w of heat under load, so the water heats up, and is less efficient at heat transfer when it reaches the GPU. Plus, the theoretical lowest temp the GPU can be cooled to will be higher, as the water is X degrees warmer than were the GPU connected first in the loop.

So my question:
What if I were to split the outflow from the radiator into two separate loops, the combine them together again to enter the radiator as one line? I could run 1/2 ID from the radiator to some sort of split, then 3/8 ID from each branch to the CPU and GPU, then after that rejoin them to 1/2 ID tubing to go back to the radiator.
If my thinking is correct, each component would be receiving the coolest possible water for better efficiency, but the actual heat energy being handled by the radiator would remain unchanged. I am reasoning that reduced flow to each component will be offset by the cooler water. I roughly calculated that the flow for 3/8 tubing is around 55% that of 1/2 tubing, holding velocity constant.

Is this just a really stupid idea that I'll laugh at once I start serious research into a water cooling setup (I like to educate myself on such things before jumping in, and I have yet to do that; just asking something that popped into my head)? Are my high school physics understanding and sleepy brain letting me down? Would I be better off with separate, smaller radiators?
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