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My System Specs


Post on CL and Kijiji on the wanted area plus services that you pick up working or dead systems from people. Also talk to your returnIT depots that you will volunteer a few days to help with sorting stuff in exchange for getting to look through all the computer gear that people throw out.

Just cuz you have no money doesnt mean you cant have a half way decent computer, it just means you have to earn it with Karma and help people out.

This weekend I build a computer for a poor guy on disability but he wanted to be able to play games with his family some of which are great friends of mine. So I hunted through the recycled and free adds on CL and went to the returnIT, I helped sort bottles for 8 hours then fixed 3 LCD TV's 32 42 and 50" that all had the power button on the back come de-soldered so I repaired them and got a good look through all the systems for that trade.

The system ended up being
New Zalman Z9 case donated by a supplier
q8300 CPU or Q8 something haha 2.5Ghz 775 quad core is all I know found in dead HP at returnit
Asus P5G41t-LX plus motherboard was sitting rmaed by a supplier but the company it was RMAED for went belly up so I got it
8GB ddr3 1333 Kingston found in dead HP at returnit
1TB Black WD hdd found in a raid hdd enclosure at return it both drives in warranty one was dead.
windows 7 home found on returnit system
6570 1gb found in a popped cap system at return it.

so more then worth 8 hours of helping people out and the guy is super happy with it. I dont know if I missed something in your thread but is there a reason why you deserve something for nothing? I just want to know I love helping people out but I dont help those who dont help others...

Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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