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Default First build for $0.00 from hand me down parts

Hi I know this is going to sound odd but I have this experiment I want to try. I have almost no money to buy a new computer, but I have access to transportation - a car. I've never had a "gaming computer". I have been using the same cruddy laptop for almost 4 years now. I really want to get into system building and PC gaming but just can't afford to do so right now with my current living conditions. I'm also trying to gain experience in PC building for a potential future job. Just something I can put on my resume. I consider myself a PC enthusiast even though never having the opportunity to build my own system. Everyday I come home and read all the computer hardware sites and tech news sites. In fact I'm quite positive I have seen every video LinusTechTips and NCIXcom has put out on YouTube. I'm fairly confident in my ability to build a pc even though having no hands on experience.

Like I said I'm on almost a $0.00 budget with all my money going to school bills and things of this nature. My idea is that maybe there is some way I could round up enough free hand-me down old computer parts to build myself a PC. I'm not talking about high end parts or anything of that nature, just anything I can put together a PC with. Basically I just want to get into PC building and want to gain experience most importantly. I'm not looking to run BF3 on ultra, I'm looking to run Age of Empires at a decent FPS.

I didn't know where to post this so sorry if its in a bad section.

Anyways here is what I had in mind exactly

I live in the Niagara region of Canada and have access to transportation and don't mind travelling a bit. I want to see if there is enough people out there willing to donate old PC parts for my first build. I can make a list of things I would need, and then if I am able to come across it check it off and keep updating this post. Then when I have the necessary parts I'll make this into a blog of my first build posting pictures Etc and getting help from you guys!

I am willing to put some money into this if need be. I can spare a few dollars if you can't give something up for free, or possibly pay to have something shipped.

I'm just looking for ideas here I really want to get into this, if anyone knows of other ways to get old free PC parts I'm open for suggestions.

Like I said I'm just throwing this idea out there, If it gets good feedback and people here think they can come up with enough parts for me to put together a frank-en PC I'll turn this into like a BLOG with what I've accumulated and post the build process. I think it will be really cool to see if I can build a PC for almost no money from completely hand-me down parts.

Thank you!