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Default Affordable 150 MPG car coming soon

Budapest (Hungary) - You wouldn’t expect the country of Hungary to be an automotive powerhouse, but it strongly desires to be the green car capital of the world. By 2012 Antro Solo want to produce a solar, human and gas-electric hybrid vehicle that drives more than 150 miles per gallon of gas. The Antro Solo is not only the most fuel efficient vehicle currently thought of, but will also be extremely affordable, costing consumers around $20,000.

TG Daily - Affordable 150 MPG car coming soon

Well the part I find funny is the pedal power. Keep on pedaling kids lol. So it gets 150 MPG when in solar power mode but what about gase mode because we all know that 10-15 kms isn't going to go far. Anyways I like the looks of the car.

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