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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Nice looking rig.

From the sounds of it you're planning on building the baddest rig on the block. :)

Only a couple of suggestions....

If you're planning on running a second 8800 GTX you're going to have to upgrade the PSU. With the kind of money you're spending I'd suggest you splurge and pick up a high end PCpower & Cooling. You won't be disappointed, and if you can afford to pick up the 1000 watter it'll scale with any future upgrade you might do.

The idea of a box for your thermaltake is a good one, just make sure to have lots of airflow through it, and make sure you leave it easy to vacuum out.

Air conditioning the air going into your "rad box" seems a little extreme, it'll certainly give you cooler temps, I'm just not sure how much cooler, and you have to consider that if the temps get too low you'll risk getting condensation inside of your case during those hot muggy days in Oshawa.

Ya i guess ill have to watch the condensation....
I know i have to get a larger PSU...can you link a suggested
1000W PSU

for the advice BTW
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