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Originally Posted by rommelrommel View Post
Haha, OCZlamer: "Guys... we got it. Thread closed, Thanks.."

IE: We know that we're pulling a fast one, no more attention to this please.

Ummm....did you even read that thread?

They came out with a MUCH cheaper model. Its about HALF the price of the other V4. This is nothing like the 3x vs 2x NAND series where both were orginally within spitting distance of each other price wise.

It was done in order to give customers more options. As in no need to drop down to ONFi 1 NAND, rather you can stay in budget get a kick ass drive and STILL have ONFi 2 NAND. Not many other companies offer that. Its either low end= ONFi 1 mainstream=ONFi 2, high perf=Toggle Mode. NOW they got a Agility 4, Vertex 4 M, Vertex 4 (and hopefully Vertex 4 MI). OCZ loves to blanket the entire market.

To me it sounds to me more like a sales SNAFU. They probably couldnt call it a Vertex 4 "3K" due to Kingston owning the copywrite (or something along those lines)....and some less than savory retailers in Europe are trying to cash in. I also would love to see HARD numbers -done by reviewers not customers w/ an axe to grind - on it being noticeably slower on the low end. Micron 3K ONFi 2 NAND is good kit. Kingston and their HyperX / HyperX 3K are proof of that!

Worse case scenario it needs firmware tweaking. This aint the same as the NAND issue that MOST of the mfg'ers tried to pull on customers and got burned.
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