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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
God no crazyea. This would be EXCELLENT for consumers. Imagine a 750GB Momentus XT....BUT with a Everest 2 controller on it. Or better still a 3.5" 3TB Hybrid with say 32GB (or 64GB) NAND and a Everest 2 controller (ie a Vertex 4 640GB drive paired to a 'cuda 3TB). IF OCZ is going up for sale....Seagate would be a great fit for us consumers. :)

I agree with AKG here bigtime !!

Only a un-understanding fool of technoligy & technoligy trends would call a merger of seagate/ocz a bad thing ..... IF this occures you can bet Western Digital would be in a harder position in the hard drive/storage market ESPECIALY since there own attemps at SSD's where such a failure!!

And as well Western Digital is not "perfect" as you seem to think they are vs seagate crazyea .... do the research & you'll find quite a few of there products are also "flawed"

Myself i've used both Seagate & WD, even the drive I have now had a firmware patch & never had a problem with it since.
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