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Vengeance 1500 has exclusive driver and software.
There are three modes and many details to fine tune the sound quality.

Vengeance 1500 position on Gaming segment, the bass is very good. Itís low but not stiff.
In game scene, you can hear all details. The position in sound files is also very clear.
When I use game profile, Vengeance 1500 is full of live feeling and sound-surround ambiance.
If you like listening music, itís also very good level. Only mid-frequency needs to be improved.
Unfortunately, it use USB built-in audio chip. If the headset can work with Creative CA0132, I believe the sound quality will be much better.

3D Performance - SPARKLE GTX570 SLI
3DMark Vantage => P47338

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1920 X 1080 => 397.73 FPS

1920 X 1080 => 7591

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 3.0
1920 X 1080 => 115.5 FPS

GTX570 is former mid-high VGA, however itsí 3D performance is still good.
After enabling SLI, 3DMark Vantage performance improved a lot.
The other 3D benchmark software is also enhanced by SLI.
SLI 3D performance will be vary by different software. G1.SNIPER3 can support up to 4Way VGA to maximize the expandability.

1920 X 1080 special effect at highest => 163 FPS

In Town => 171 FPS

Standard single person game is around 97 FPS

As easy to capture the screen, I set at window mode. The page shows 163 FPS.
If you use full screen, the page number will up to 210 FPS. The number is vary by resolution.
Diablo3 updated revision and some setup, it fix the 100FPS limitation issue.
This recent most popular game 3D requirement is not so high, AMD Redaon 7770 is capable to run already.

1.G1-Killer packing is more delicateness than the other high end model. The heat sink is looking better than G1 X79.
2.Creative latest CA0132 audio chip with Japanese high end capacitors, new software and more supported technologies improve sound effect.
3.Dual LAN support by latest Killer E2200 network NPU and Intel LAN chip
4.Exclusive BT4.0 / Wi Ė Fi card to enhance application with all mobile devices.
5.Front control panel supports USB 3.0 and real time OC features. It also supports headset amplifier which is very rare.
6.Supports up to 4-Way AMD CrossFireX/nVIDIA SLI technology.
7.BIOS native support Xeon V2 CPU.

1.CPU voltage vibration during standby and full speed should be smaller.
2.4DIMM DDR3 OC should be same as 2DIMM DDR3
3. Audio or LAN can be daughter card

Performance ★★★★★★★★★☆ 90/100
Components ★★★★★★★★★☆ 88/100
Specification ★★★★★★★★★☆ 92/100
Appearance ★★★★★★★★★☆ 86/100
C/P Value ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 72/100

Intel Ivy Bridge structure has been launched over 3 months.
New 22nm CPU has three advantages, higher performance, lower power consumption and better IGP 3D performance.
For the temperature, when OC to 4.8GHz, itís 5 degrees higher than SNB which is needed to improve.
PCI Express Gen3, Intel Smart Connect / Quick Sync 2.0 and Lucid Universal MVP all brings more advantages to new platform.
However, Ivy Bridge CPU only has i5 and i7 currently. I do hope i3 and Pentium series can come faster.
It will complete the Intel CPU product line and have more choices for entry PC market.

GIGABYTE G1.SNIPER3 is cheaper than former G1 models. This is Z77 benefit.
G1.Killer is still in high end MB position. Itís more suitable for higher requirement and budget users.
Last G1 X79 thermal module is not good looking. This time, G1 Z77 revision is much better looking and quality.
In high Loading mode, the temperature is around 50~55 degrees. Itís very good though.

Gaming design is even improved. Audio chip changes to Creative latest CA0132 quad-core audio processor.
LAN chip also improves from single Killer NPU to Killer E2200 plus Intel, dual LAN.
You can see many improvement and progress in G1 Z77. It fixes several G1 cons.
Of course, itís still some minor points to make it perfect. I am glad to see better G1 in further chipset.
If you are looking for best built-in LAN and audio chips, also high end gaming specs, you can put GIGABYTE G1.SNIPER3 in your wish list:)

This article is also post in my log.
WIND3C, All comments are welcome.
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