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Power Consumption Test
Enter to OS Desktop - 168W

CPU Full Speed by Linx - 268W

3770K OC to 4.8GHz and using GTX570 SLI both consume more power. When enter to OS desktop, itís 168W already.
For former review, 3770K default with IGP HD4000 is only 34W. This is very good power consumption performance.
You can see when we OC 3770K to 4.8GHz, full speed only consume 100W more. It approves 22nm saving more power.
When we run this high end Gaming platform in 3D test software, the power consumption is 600W. Most is by VGA.

Former G1.Killer series use Creative CA20K2 audio chip. This time, G1.SNIPER3 changes to newer Creative CA0132.
Itís Creative Sound Core3D quad-core audio processor. It supports THX, CRYSTAL VOICE, and so on.
Using Nichicon MUSE ES series and MW series Bi-Polarized audio capacitors makes spec and components similar to high end audio card.

Letís see the Creative CA0132 new interface.
The first screen emphasize the THX audio technology.

CRYSTAL VOICE setup page

SCOUT MODE items are more for Gaming

Speaker/Headset setup page. It supports 5.1 channels and some detail items.

Every channel voice volume and REC control.

My 3.5mm headset only has SONY NOISE CANCEING level. The audio quality is not too high.
I still can use it to distinguish Creative CA0132 and Realtek ALC898 chips.
Creative CA0132 has more background detail. The low-frequency is stronger.
The high-frequency is not too shrill. The mid-frequency is gruff and deep.
Comparing to last CA20K2, mid-frequency and sound field are richer. The software also has more features and practical.
Realtek ALC898 voice is very monotonous. It has much less detail, also over shrill in high-frequency.

Itís high end Gaming platform, so I use gaming headset to test the audio.
I use CORSAIR Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 USB Gaming Headset to experience.
CORSAIR launched several Gaming line up. Headset is one of it.
Letís see the Vengeance 1500 packing first. Itís official 2 years warranty.

Itís surrounding design to enhance users comfort. I donít feel any uncomfortable after use.
The controller can adjust the microphone on/off and volume. Both sides are silver color laminated cover with hair-line surface treatment.
Overall, the quality and texture is quite high end. If the cable can use gold plating, it will be even better.
It also provide microphone, you can talk with your partners in games.
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