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Originally Posted by peppergomez View Post
I game at 2560x1600 on a 30" monitor, and sometimes, for those games that work correctly using SoftTH, at 4960x1600 using two side 20" monitors in portrait mode (only games using DX9 or lower work using this). I play BF3, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, flight sims, Arma2, and X3 Albion Prelude.

I had a terrible experience with two MSI 6970 Lightning cards in crossfire, so I sold them. That experience has me wanting to give NVIDIA a try for awhile. From what I have been reading, the 670 is a nice price/performance combination.

Because I game at fairly high resolutions and like all the settings maxed, and AA and AF on, I am thinking I would be better served by a 4gb card. Due to heat and space considerations, I am staying away from dual card solutions. Plus not all games play nice with dual cards.

I know a 690 would be the best card to get from a single card perspective, but I can't justify the price tag.

If I could gaame well on a 670, what kind of benefits (from a frames per second perspective) would a 4gb 670 bring over a 2gb 670' and is there a particular model and brand, like say the EVGA FTW, that folks recommend the most?


There is no benefit unless you're doing 5760x1080/1200 with lots of anti aliasing. This depends on the 3d application of course.

If you're a single screen user there is absolutely no reason to get 4gb, even up to 2560x1600. 2gb is plenty, there are no games with assets exceeding 2GB unless you do something stupid like 8x SGSSAA. (anti aliasing is the #1 contributor to VRAM use). So thats why usually you can get away with FXAA or no AA at 5760x1200, 2gb will limit you to that while 4gb will let you do 4x MSAA or something higher. (again -- this depends on application. Some games will let you do 2X msaa and others will run out of VRAM at 5760x1200 unless you do FXAA) Anyway, the point is you don't need 4GB since you're doing 2560x1600.

Its a tragedy that many people don't understand how VRAM works and how anti aliasing contributes to most VRAM use in modern games. (this isn't directed at you btw ;) I see people suggesting 4GB for 1080p and it really is quite stupid.
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