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My System Specs


Thought I'd update with a few early thoughts on the switch from my Cowon D2 (on which the switch barely functions at all now--sigh) to an 8GB iPod Touch.

As expected, for someone used to a Cowon and regularly adjusting their immensely useful EQ, the sound is somewhat tinny and not nearly as rich as on the Cowon. Playing with the EQ on the Touch helps, but isn't nearly as effective as the Cowon one. I have yet to try a 3rd party EQ app.

Getting used to the idea of playlists is also taking some getting used to, and I hate the fact that I have to delete both the playlist and then the music from the iPod. HOWEVER, I must admit that it makes damned good sense to be to use a series of pointers (playlists) to a centralized music folder than it does to have multiple copies of the same file on a player, so that music can be played in the desired order.

The display isn't even a comparison; the Cowon's older style screen (resistive vs the other kind--I don't recall exactly) can't hold a candle to the iPod's display. It really is remarkable.

On that general subject, video on the iPod is considerably easier; the Cowon required everything to be converted to one very specific size and format for playback. With the iPod, I can just add things. Not having MPG support seems a little ridiculous, though. I get it, MP4 is more efficient, but how I use my storage space is my problem, not Apple's.

Having a built-in speaker is actually way more handy than expected.

Proprietary cords suck. I liked the Cowon's ability to use a standard USB device cable. However, one of the things that turned me off of the newer Cowon is the fact that they've gone to a different standard cord as well (a Korean standard that makes no sense for N.A. sales).

That's more or less it so far. I'm back to work this week, so the Touch wills start getting a lot more use on my commutes; we'll see how I feel in a week, I guess.

Thanks again for the helpful comments.
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