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Default Torrents and Fibre Op

I'm not sure if anyone else is having these issues that I've been having, or if it's something I'm possibly doing wrong. What's happening is I can't seed consistently, as in my upload drops(private tracker) to nothing while using Utorrent and Vuze. I can download no problem, and have gone through port forwarding, set up a static ip address,set application rules, firewall rules and even placing the torrent machine in the DMZ. (which changed nothing)
I am running Bell Aliant Fibre Op 30/30 and using windows home server 2011 as my torrent machine. I am using the Actiontec router bell supplied, which by the way has a red indicator light that goes solid when utorrent is running. From what I read it means an authentication error on the router.
Or is bell limiting torrents, I enabled encryption in utorrent, and still no change.
And the weird thing is, this only started occurring 3 months ago..which is when I noticed the red light on the router.
I am no expert on networking by any means, but maybe I just overlooked a simple step, which is why I am posting. I've been messing with this for a few hours, and just feel like I am running in circles.

Thanks in advance.
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