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My System Specs


Originally Posted by yehia7000 View Post
if you dont have the money of hd 7950 , try hd 7870 . it is very fast for its price and much better than hd 6870
Wow doesn't behave well with AMD cards (with AA on at least)

A GPU bump should help... but you'll be better off with a bigger bump than your considering... 660ti should be good and last you as long as your 275 but not be so high end that your cpu will limit it.

As said above.. OC the CPU too and you should be good to go.

With WOW, the more people there are with their sparly stuff on the more your computer has to render.. try turning some of the detail settings down (particle effects or the like that show more details in spells etc)

Even high end rigs take a FPS dump in cities when it's really busy but the question is if it's still playable? (raids and BG's would be better to look at as there is more happening and smoother game-play is more important)

P.S it will probably get worse with next patch as they tend to make some engine and graphics updates with major releases.
Though I think they are properly supporting 64 bit version too.
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