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My System Specs



Ive been fighting for the last two weeks with the tubing, Im still trying to fix the leak on one of the outputs on the reservoir, the other two leaks have been fixed (I took apart those sections and reinforced the joints with teflon which seals it quite nicely, for whatever reason that doesnt seem to be working with the reservoir.

I have a couple of options I will be trying on monday, hopefully one of them will work. Worst comes to worst I can permanently fit the joint which will fix the issue but will not allow for it to ever be taken apart again (not that its an issue as I never planned to but its nice to know I can if for whatever reason I need to).

Updates to come following that.

On another subject, Ive been nominated for MOTM over at bit-tech, and the voting has been going on from the 6th of July. The voting ends on the 6th of Aug, i.e. tomorrow monday at 8 am. Im currently fighting for the first place so if you feel like helping out, pop by and vote. But Id like to stress that, only do it if you believe APASF is the best out of the 6 mods shown there. Id greatly appreciate it : )

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