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First of all letting us know what your resolution is as well as how you game (FSAA and AF) will indicate if it is a GPU or CPU limitation.

Current games are more likely to be gpu and not cpu limited as they scale in resolution. If you are playing at 1920x1200 (1080) or higher, or use FSAA and AF then you are definitely GPU limited and need more video power.

You have a quad core cpu running at 2.8ghz it's not the newest or the fastest but it should be fine for gaming.

If you can stretch to it then forget the 6 series and move on to AMD's 7 series instead. It is more efficient and a better architecture.

Take a look at the 7850, although it is more expensive than the 6870 it will be more future proof and energy efficient and will provide great gaming at 1920x1200 and above.
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