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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Do this with a game with non-shitty graphics using a modern engine that pushes a 680 to its limits and THEN I will be impressed. Until then its just a publicity stunt. Step in the right direction...yes. But a big old 'meh' none the less.

Now HOPEFULLY we one day get to the point where an OPEN std is THE STANDARD and not owned by any company but this is just Valve wasting resources on PR.
I think the main thing to take from this is that a major developer has made the jump on a major title and shown a significant performance increase.. (granted at a point where
Hopefully this will make other developers look harder at using opengl instead and open up linux as a viable option for gamers...
imagine all the GPU upgrades that would come from not haing to drop $120 on the os... :D

In the article though it says they are hedging their bets against win 8... this is bs to me as every second os from MS is a total flop..

As said above also... I hope this optimization made things look as good as possible while upping the fps.. not just a "we made it do a million fps but it looks like quake"
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