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Ilya...damn mate you just blew his budget out of the water. I pushed the envelope with the Ultrasones....but AKG 701s...ouch. Good cans....but ouch. His wallet will HATE him. AND they are twice the price of most of what I was saying to START with.

Try em out and see if you like them. IF you like them...keep em. Just 'cause they are only half the price of the AkGs doesnt mean that for your GAMING needs they wont be good. For audio yeah 7.1 suck compared to good stereo cans that cost the same.

IF you dont like them. For the love of all that is holy...go and try out a bunch of different cans before you buy! Every mfg has their own 'flavour' they like. I personally like Sennys for day to day. AkGs for listening to music (cant you tell by my sig :P) and Beyers for other genres. I personally like the 860s. I know Jackie was salavating over a pair of 600 ohm 860s...and cant blame him.
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