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If you have never heard of heavy coolers bending boards....You must be fairly new to building PCs. It is RARE but it happens. Google is your friend. Ive been building PCs since the 80s. Shite happens. Hell I havent even seen all the wonders of tech gremlins that can bite a person on the arse. AND hope to NEVER seem them all...but bent mobos is one of the ones I have seen first hand...a couple times. :(

I dont care how YOU use your cooler. BUT Last time I checked....a D14 with even ONE fan still falls into the '2-3 pound' category....just like I said in my off hand snarky remark. IDK, but that pesky English to Metric conversion can be tough. I get it wrong all the time too :)

Let me be perfectly clear here: I. Do. Not. Care. What. You. Use.

That may sound blunt but it is true. Everyone has their own particular requirements. ALL are valid. Peace of mind can be priceless....BUT air vs water units are designed for different people. You fall in to the former and not the latter camp. BUT dont come off as saying that peeps that fall into the latter are wrong. Both are valid POVs.

Dont like the Corsair units. Fine. Its a free country. No one is putting a gun to your head and making you use it. Thats how the free market works.

The Antec's are mighty fine kit. The Corsairs are excellent kit too. So too is the D14. It all boils down to which flavour of awesome you want to have. ALL have their own minor annoyances, risks and rewards. Saying one is perfect and the others suck because of X or Y or Z is foolish.

Ive tried twice to point this out to you. This makes it 3 times. There wont be a 4th.

Honestly YMMV.

@ FG. For low noise a D14 is hard to beat (Im like you and also LOVE my Mega coolers. what a great design they are!). I personally like the H80 with low noise fans for my game rigs (my 580 is louder). But a D14 with its stock fans is damn near SILENT. Sorry to hear you had a rough go of it.

edit 2:
Did you try swapping out the fans for some lower noise ones? I find that 1500-1600 FDB fans on a H80 is pretty darn low noise solution for most moderate OCed rigs.
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