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Hey all, I just got back and have now picked up the new Phoebus card and a pair of Razer Tiamat 7.1's. While Canada Computers did have the AKG 701's in online stock, I was happy to be able to grab the Tiamat's on the spot. I am now wondering whether I would be better served to keep the Tiamat's, or to return them and order a pair of AKG 701's. One thing to consider is that the AKG 701's are $400 while the Razer is $180. Do yall think I made a good decision with the headset? This is my first sound card purchase after all, I am not sure what to expect :) I do know that I will not open the box until I hear feedback, as I am perfectly willing to be patient.

The 2 options I see right now are:

A) Keep the Razer Tiamat 7.1 as a gaming headset, and see how it does with music/bass on the Phoebus card, and if need be invest in a dedicated music headset in the near future or
B) Return the Tiamat, and order a pair of AKG 701's to pair with the Phoebus.

What would you guys do? I guess what I'm thinking is, I don't want to waste the Phoebus on a headset that is inadequate, but I also saw good review on the Tiamat and like gaming.. and the phoebus is a gaming card. :)
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