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My System Specs


NH-D14 with fans is 1240 grams or 1.24kilos or 2.73 pounds as AKG said:

I personally love my prolimatech megha and i have used H80, its loud as **** and also recently picked up an Antec 920 and again it's loud as ****. I went back to prolimatech megahalems and couldnt be happier. I sold the H80 on a loss and looks like I will be selling the 920 on a loss as well.

I love the ideas of the sealed liquid coolers but they are expensive and on top of that, if you dont want them loud as **** then you gotta spend another 50 bucks to get the noctua's fans and to me it's not worth it.

And i bought the megalems after reading AKG's review and actually I asked like a couple of years ago now and I really thank you AKG for that. I have done some oc's with it, and I really love it.
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