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/sigh some people dont get sarcasm at all.

No Im saying that if you look on the worst case scenarios for ALL things...then yeah it and any heavy cooler is a bad thing(TM) to use. Is it a silly way to look at it...yes. Just like worrying about a leak from an AIO sealed unit is pretty silly. Leaks happen. So do bent mobos. Life goes on. Both are unlikely. Both risks have been mitigated as much as possible by the mfg'ers and GOOD ENGINEERING. Heavy coolers have heavy duty backplates to spread the load. Sealed units are SEALED and LEAK TESTED at the factory.

Worrying about either IS thinking in 'sky is falling' mode. If you want to be 100% 'safe'. Use neither. Use a light weight CPU cooler instead. I do that in a lot of builds for other people. Just like I use sealed units, D14s and many other of the power house coolers in other rigs. All depends on the build and the intended useage for the customer.

I like the D14 a LOT. I like the H80 more. Guess which one is installed in my personal rig and which one went to a fellow HWC staff member.

For the record...the D14 w/ 3 fans falls into the "2-3 pound" category.
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