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My System Specs

Default Couple Questions [New Build]

So over the next week or so, I'm going to be ordering my new computer(). I've decided on all but a couple of things.

The first one being the motherboard. Yeah I know, ordering a new computer but not being decided on the motherboard is noobish. Go ahead, say it...... But they are very similar as far as I can tell. And i'm mainly concerned with the reviews on each from people who have actually owned/used one. The two in question are:

Gigabyte GA990FX-UD3

It will be either one of those two boards. The reasons I picked them are A: Both seem to be capable overclockers; B: Both support at least 2-way Crossfire/SLI (not that I'll be using either right off the bat); C: Both seem like a stable platform on which to build a gaming rig. I'm just looking for some opinions more or less, or some blatant flaw that I have overlooked.

Um, on a side note. I have another inquiry about my power supply. I currently have a Corsair GS600 PSU, its about 5 months old. Maybe 6. IF I'm building a new system, should I order a new power supply, or is the one I have still plenty good enough?

Thank you all for the input.

Asus M5A99X-Evo mainboard
XFX Double-D Radeon 6870 GPU
GSkill Ripjaws 8gb DDR3 PC3 12800
Crucial M4 64gb boot drive
Segate Baracuda 500gb Storeage Drive (will be adding a 1tb in the future).

Primary use will be as a gaming rig

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