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My System Specs


Few things...

1), your not looking to oc, your looking to play games and play movies so a 2600k isn't the best option.. An i5 is better suited to your needs..
As your not looking to overclock (or if you do you'll be doing a moderate one). The 3570k will be better as it uses less power and is slightly better clock for clock.

2), Graphics card is overkill.. a 670 will be plenty for your resolution to max any game. Asus DCII TOP is really sweet with your budget.

3), 16 GB is again too much.. get yourself 2x4 GB and you'll not use more than 5GB with a game running along with browsers, messenger services etc etc etc.

4), Power supply is far too big.. 650 watt is plenty..

5), SSD, get a 256GB one with the spare budget from the other parts.. This allows you to install all your games and programs on the SSD gaining the most benifit.

6), get a custom cooler of some sort for the CPU.. it doesn't have to be anything extreme but it will allow you to OC it or even if you don't it will run cooler and quieter.

7) the asus maximus is a really high end board.. you have no need of it..
Nearly all modern motherboards have 5.1 built in.. if you need better sound (I assume thats why you selected it) you'll be better off with something like a xonar DX
Other than that the board is for high end ocing.. grab something like a P8Z77 V pro..

There is nothing WRONG with your build..
But my suggestions above should give you all the performance you'll need for about 4-5 years (with a graphics card boost in 2 or 3 years) but cost a bit less / give you more benefit of the SSD and ability to oc..
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