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My System Specs


I really don't see the point myself.. a 660 should be about the same performance(will be slightly lower raw power but you don't lose anything in the scaling of a multi-gpu configuration)..
granted a little more expensive to buy (am expecting them to be about the 330 mark)
but will consume much less power.. produce much less heat and you won't have any hassle with x-fire support or the like..

Single fastest card should be considered before looking at duals..

As for the set-up being all made for dual cards... well in 2 years when your looking to upgrade.. drop in a new card and be done..

end of the day it's your shout.. your money etc etc. My opinion is fastest single card you can get your hands on.

Dual 6950's are a lil overkill but nothing too crazy.. Should run the most intensive games for a while at max settings without issue..
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