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Hrm, had a fantastic long reply written that got eaten by my newbieness! I hate it when that happens!

I love the idea of pfsense, that one's new to me and looks awesome. I'm reading about it now.
But following the tomato link (I haven't kept up w/ the project recently, or it's various offshoots), I noticed Shibby's version, and holy cow it looks fantastic. Looks like it can do everything I want, and everything I'd want in pfsense that I've noticed so far. And it'll work on those new Asus n66's, the reported follow-up to the Asus N16 posted higher up in the thread.

And yeah, I haven't yet looked into the Atom/nano-itx/ETC stuff yet, but that is a possibility too, and may be a good way to use pfsense w/o the old-school boat-anchor hardware. And I'm also going to look into that stuff for a portable in-vehicle PC I'm building (may be commissioned for one too), but I have no experience with that stuff other than playing with other people's EEEpc's.
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