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My System Specs


what I would do is test all of your ram, and if it is all ok then a back up which ever files you want to back up and then format the drive, re-install windows because to me is sounds like an OS problem or even a virus, malware or what ever. everyone keeps talking about SSDs I wouldn't buy another one unless I ran out of normal hard drives the only thing that I have ever noticed on any of the SSDs I have owned is boot time speeds everything else is marginable once everything has booted up then nothing should be that slow unless you have a whole pile of things running in the back ground. I remember windows xp always needed to be reinstalled after a while just so tha tit would speed up back to where it was supposed to be, then I got rid of xp and installed windows server2003 enterprise and I never had any speed problems again, I ran that until windows 7 came out I probably would still run it. hmm that makes me think that I should install that on my laptop along sign aall my Unix based OSs.
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