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My System Specs


Originally Posted by horusray View Post
Since some of you recoomend 560ti, here's something for thought. My friend bought a Radeon 5870 in 2009. Yesterday, I was telling him I may end up using a 560ti for my build, but I found out two cards are very similar in performance. To me, it kind of sounds silly for me to buy a card on par with a three-year-old graphics card......

Also I really want to try out Crossfire/Sli given my motherboard and psu are made to handle the sort of setup. Perhaps I should wait for mid/end of August, and I may score some good deals as people may start selling their old cards.
If you want a 560ti then a few weeks and the release of the 660ti will see more and more 560's being flogged..

alternatively.. grab a 660 yourself.. gonna be a bit more than you planned on spending but from early reports your looking at better than 580 performance (hopefully close to sli 560's without and SLI hassle) and it should be cool quiet and not very power hungry too.
(should be a good overclocker too but will have to wait to see )

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