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Yeah, the heat/energy of a machine vs. stand-alone is certainly a factor, these racks can heat up quite fast and I've already gotten 'questions' from the S.O. about fan noise (and she liked the idea of quieter water cooling, which is a further bonus for the future!), not to mention the electricity bill! I do love the ease and relative power of Tomato (wasn't as big a fan of dd-wrt as I was with tomato personally) and the smaller heat/power footprint.

But as NiteOwl said, I do have above-average needs. In fact, pfsense was one of the options I had just learned about and was reading about and I LOVE that per-peer bandwidth usage thingy, certainly a serious bonus. If I could find a non-cisco (don't like their new BS wrt forcing upgrades on their routers. It's not yours after I pay you for it, thank you very much.) 4-port router that cound handle pfsense, well, I'd join the line-up I suppose.

I also didn't mention gigabit as one of the needs, >=4 ports. I thought it went w/o saying, but that's an assumption on my part so I'll state it here. ;) If I were going to go with a PC-based, I'd just buy a small gigabit-switch to add to the system in that case, but this looks like the Asus to get for gigabit: Asus RT-N66U - DD-WRT Wiki

The positives with the PC, at least as I can figure them, other than the larger power and ability, would be it's expandability. I'd need to figure out a good, high-power AP in either PCIE/USB and wouldn't be limited to USB, or what the router came with. I've already got the space allocated in my rack, and while yes I would rather not use the whole 1U, and I'd rather use an Asus or some-such box for those same space reasons (rack space is _always_ at a premium lol!), the primary requirement is (as pretty much always tends to be with me) function over form.
Does anyone have PC-based (PCI/PCIE/USB/?) AP recommendations? That may help make the decision too. If there's something awesome AP wise, I may try and be more fancy with my PC-based solution and go mini-itx and try for a 1U high/0.5U wide box. ;)

Thanks for the recommendations, please keep them coming!
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