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For those also interested in what the difference is between Folding@home and Rosetta@home, sorry if this thread is old.

Folding@home tries to find the way how to simulate how a protein folds and ways that it can misfold into things like Alzheimer's.
Rosetta@home tries to find, based on the completed model of A protein (Which is thanks to Folding@home and similar projects), to try to figure out, based on the amount of energy a protein will accept to fold, how many different ways the protein can fold.
While doing this, Rosetta@home also is using the data to help improve Rosetta@home's algorithms for use in other fields, such as World Community Grid with the Human Proteome Folding project and others like FightAIDS@home.

Either way, Folding or Rosetta, they are all in the long term, doing the same thing. Folding Proteins to try to help the advancement of the Human Race and the fight against disease.

For ease of use, I use BOINC on my Gaming Rig and my Mac Mini. My Mac Mini in particular is now Crunching since August 1st, 2012 24/7 Rosetta@home for the Hardware Canucks team. I may be one of the 10 active members on Rosetta@home for the team, but I'm okay with that.
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