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Originally Posted by Stukka View Post
case looks awesome man. Huge fan of the show too. The only thing I would personally change is removing the sticker off the window. You already have a nice big metal logo of the same one on the side window. To me it would look much better without the sticker. But thats just imo case still looks awesome and you did a great job.
agree with you about the sticker just about took it off the other day when i mounted the logo to gpu
I do like how in certain angles reapers face goes blue...will remove it for the final lighted pics this weekend

Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Awesome build...

BUT I find the style of the case a lil too clean and sleek for the SoA theme...
It looks like you need to take an axe and a flame / spray paint to it to make it fit in better lol

Still an awesome build.
I was telling the GF the other day how it might look better with grease stains on it
but I wouldnt want to try and clean it off of the soft touch finish lol

Thanks for the comments guys
nice to have some feedback on the finishing touches
I have looked at it way too much lol
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