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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Router based PC uses more energy and dumps twice as much heat. Small consumer based routers like the RT-N16 can do what pfSense can easily enough without being overly complicated.
can it keep track of individual computer bandwidth usage? or have a built in peer guardian or snort, or transparant proxy? captive portal wifi access point like administration?

looking at my dhcp connections right now i see 20+ computers using my network, i like to know who is pounding down the bandwidth at any given time so i know who to bring my over usage bill to:)

but i agree that a pc is a lot more wasteful, just pointing out that small consumer router does not meet all home users needs.

OP is also talking about building a 1u machine to toss into a rack he already has, sounds like he might have above average needs also.

also, please let me know if it can in fact do most of that, i will head to canadacomputers tomorrow and grab one. the biggest deal for me is the bandwidth monitor and usage.
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