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Hey there! :)

R4 Gene is a nice board - own the same with a i7-3820.

here's a few settings that asus recommended in their OC guide for x79…

go ahead and set 120% for cpu, vccsa and both DIMMs for power (DIGI+)
set load line REGULAR for cpu and vccsa
and set vrm mode to "optimized" for vcore and both dimm channels.

go ahead and set a multiplier of x42 on 100.00 and offset voltage with maybe -0.010 as a start.
vdimm = 1.500V or memory specific value
put in a memory divider - like 1600 or 1866, manual voltages on vccsa and vtt for a good start at 1.1V both (although the vtt is usually 2-3 clicks higher than vccsa to yield the same average voltage effectively)

punch in manual timings like 9-9-9-24 or whatever your memory says. could load XMP as well if you like - just make sure your vccsa and dimm voltages are what they are supposed to be (1.1v as stated above)

you may enable all cpu energy states (not auto)
disable intel thermal monitor and disable anti-surge protection.

this should get you on a really smooth 4.2GHz overclock - make sure you test your memory and cpu for stability running different apps, HCI memtest, prime and maybe IBT/LinX/OCCT

for more details, watch asus x79 videos! :)

oh, and something i found out tonight… memory mode 2 causes errors for me on ddr3-2333, but mode 1 works :)… currently trying to achieve a low-power but stable 4.75GHz with 2333 (dominator gt 2133 CL9 quad kit)

and - in case you get computation errors - try increasing vtt/vccsa rather than vcore - could be both or vice versa, you never know ;(
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