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Default *Weekend Mini Reviews* TAKE ONE Bitfenix Fun 8/11/2012 Updated Often

Got some kewl stuff coming your way HWC this weekend will be a good one.

Also got some new stuff but lets just say mid month will be a game changer :)


... First the Sponsors of this months fun for Soul.

  • 1st Sponsor and always awesome to deal with BITFENIX!! Jacky Keep up the great work
  • 2nd Sponsor MSI Jeff and Alex keep up the great work love the product and hope to do even more work with you two in the future.
  • 3rd Sponsor ASUS Always get great gear from the team and maybe a give away or two :P
  • 4th Sponsor Random Companies :P I would like to thank the companies and people who do not want their names public as you are the ones that get me most of my personal gear thanks everyone.

Bellow is a small taste of the amazing accessories Bitfenix has to offer, they carry items that can make any first time builder look like a total pro.

  • The Alchemy line is just awesome, the hand made style and woven fiber give your build a look and feel that is truly professional.
  • The Spectre series are some the best built fans I have had the pleasure of working with, they are designed to be quieter than anything else at their price point, yet they move more air than any stock case fan could dream of.
  • Spectre Pro LED fans show the path Bitfenix is now moving towards, Truly customizable and powerful cooling products that leave you wanting to buy as many as you can find in stock. There smaller fans push a monstrous amount of air where their 140 has a feature that makes it my personal favorite fan of all time. The 200mm and larger fans are a great upgrade for any case with the room for them as their near whisper silent operation but extreme performance help exhaust the added heat from any high end system.
  • Shinobi 5.25" Drive Bay Cover, it's one thing to come out with a white case knowing the fact that white optical drives are a thing of the past its another to be Bitfenix and say "We got your back". The Shinobi 5.25" Drive Bay Cover is a must have for anyone who has bought either the Shinobi or Shinobi XL case in white as it gets rid of the Oreo look and leaves you with a great looking fully arctic white system.

As with any review by Soullesone21 the Conclusion is right at the beginning so if your like me and want to know why you should or should not buy the product, you simply scroll only a little ways down to find out the important parts.

Alchemy Cables
  • Far easier then sleeving your own cables and yet they still give the look of build done by the pros
  • Best clips on the market even better then some high end psu's, they click in super easy and always feel snug and locked
  • Packaging is easy to display and though its not the best does look nice in store
  • Quality of the fabric is great and the cables move around twists and turns of any case with ease
  • With a little work you can remove all bends and packaging crimps and make the cables look great
  • Some of the cables are frayed out of the box and have dents and rips that are not easy to hide
  • Not the quality of say Lowfats sleeving and if you work with them lots they show dirt and stains badly
  • Price though if you only need one or two they are a great investment but if you need a whole towers worth your looking at well over a hundred dollars
  • Some of the packaging looks cheap and the printing does not line up right
Final Thoughts

After using the Alchemy cable kits by Bitfenix I know personally that I will not be doing a custom build anytime soon without them, they give you the ability to clean up a case and make it just pop without being a pro at sleeving. They do have some down sides and are far from perfect but in my own opinion they are some of the best on the market and I can't wait to give the world a closer look at them when they are shown off in the MSI Budget Modder build later this week.

Closer look at the Alchemy cables.

Much much more to come shortly but just to annoy people here's some teasers of current projects.

Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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