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My System Specs


Ohh no.. I really do want to buy... I was on the phone to them to find out why the order was canceled and if I could get them to deliver them in-time..
Anywhere else I could find that sells them either didn't have them in stock or wouldn't deliver in time or whatever..

The problem is finding ones that have it, will deliver in time AND take a non US credit card.. (yes.. it actually is a problem)
It's like they just don't want money..

It's OK though.. I found some black-ops branded ones going cheaper than even US prices on ebay in the UK..
Just need to figure out how the hell I'm gonna get them here (currently living and working in Ukraine)

Till I do this is on hold (customs are a real **** in this country and really really corrupt...)
I'm going home to Ireland in Oct anyway, so it will be no later than that.. Was really looking forward to these too.. :*(
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