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Default About folding beer. some of you know I work in a brewery *

I've been toying with the idea of getting some help to brew/bottle a 1off keg and send em (1 l bottles) out to the HWC folding team.I have bad news I'm afraid :

While brewing the beer is no-problemo , me shipping it is totally verboten.It's as illegal as cross-border cigarettes.

It seems here in Canada too , the effing provincial/federal govts , can't get thier shit together to allow cross-border shipments without extreme excise/unfair taxation.Even breweries have super-hassles with shipping.

Personally , just as a beer drinker , this is not the first time I've heard about the cross border issue.I know the wine drinkers in AB/BC have been dealing with this for a while....

I think as Canadians , we need to make the cross-border alcohol problem go away.I want to taste beers from eastern Canada , and I want to be able to send samples to my friends.I have no problem paying a reasonable 1-time excise fee to ship alcohol , but....Is it "Canada" or is it "The provinces Of Canada" ?

I'm going to talk again with some co-workers and a lawyer or two....and I might ask for help from everyone.

...And I know I'm not alone....

GG !!! all I wanted was to send beeers to my friends and now I smell constitutional challenge.

I welcome all and any input /help on this.We need to make these arcane laws go away.

*In no way do I speak for, or represent my employers.
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