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Default [NZXT]Announcement Regarding our FX-series Fans

This is a public announcement that upon our routine quality assurance assessments have discovered an issue with the FX Series fans. Our high quality FX series fans that use rifle-bearing technology have been improperly labeled as Fluid Dynamic Bearing. We apologize for the mislabeling. This is an issue we are proactively working on resolving.

The rifle bearing technology used in the FX Series fans is a liquid-state bearing technology. The liquid-state bearing system employs a vertical groove on the out surface of the bearing tube. This allows oil to be pumped from the reservoir on the bottom, through to the top of the tube providing exceptional oil circulation.

We firmly stand behind the quality of our FX Series fans, and other than the incorrect labeling, nothing else has changed: quality and life-span remain up to NZXTs high standards. We value our customers and we want to ensure that NZXT provides high quality products along with excellent customer service.

CaseLabs Media Machinist
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