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Originally Posted by grinder View Post
I'd go with the MBA... your eyes is "where the rubber meets the road" as they say. Let Apple Care cover the HDD/RAM ;)
Yeah, the screen resolution is a big deal for me, unless I could find some way to mod the size of the menu bar (I actually want to make it skinnier on the screen); it is thicker than I need it to be on the MBP.

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Doesn't the MBA still use a blade type SSD? AFAIK it is replaceable, just a pain in the rear.
Blade-type, yes. However, do blade SSDs exist for the 2012 MBA yet? Not so much. OWC and a few others (iirc) carry replacements for the 2011 models, but the 2012 models have a retooled interface, so they don't fit in the MBA as of yet.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
If there are that many concerns, why even go with a Mac?

Personally, I have a serious love / hate relationship with my MBP from 2010. The keyboard is second only to the one on my Sony Vaio Z but the battery life is now down to about 2 hours at most and there's no easy way to replace the battery. As such, my huge investment will quickly become an oversized paper weight. However, in that same vein, I would also hesitate to recommend many of the Ultrabooks for exactly that same reason.
These aren't concerns; they are points of difference between the two models. All other brands that I have looked into basically just don't compete with what you are getting for your money, and those that do cost as much as or more than a MBP anyway.

2 hours? That is a major issue. You should definitely have that looked at; battery service is not that much compared to the lack of value of a machine that only has a two hour battery life.
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