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Originally Posted by Hunt View Post
I agree with Arinoth. There are not many reasons to play D3 these days. 'Lag issues', poor loot system, broken economy. Blizzard has been very quiet on their forums as well, normally they are much more active in the community. Looks like this game is destined for an early grave.
You know when blizzard stops interacting with players on the forums something must be up.

My guess is there is some interesting internal board-room conversations happening, and probably some hand slapping, finger pointing and pink slips being handed out.

I moved on a long time ago. I'm not even sure a properly done expansion will bring me back to D3. Blizzard games in general now are about $$$, as exemplified by the Starcraft 2 triple game of cash-cow. Its like a movie sequel, the follow ups get worse and worse as the years go on.
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