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My System Specs


Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
Let's see ... third party eq, third party music stores, line out or dock to avoid ehadphoen issues ... why not just get a Cowan? The sound is a lot better and they're much cheaper.
I thought about just getting a C2 (basically the same as the old D2, oddly enough), but the problem I had was the idea of paying the same money that I did for my D2, 5-6 years later, with no noticeable increase in functionality. Who would accept that in the computer/electronics world?

That led me to look at the S9, which I always thought was quite nice, but it's discontinued in Canada, as well, from what I gather, so I'd have to pick up one from the U.S. It would actually come out way more than an iTouch, unless I went used--and then it would only be a little bit more, but I have the same crapshoot of a used product with no warranty.

The only other option was the new Cowon lineup (I don't even recall the model ATM), but the reviews say it's junk compared to the older stuff.

I love my Cowon, and I support their quality, but I think they're shooting themselves in the foot, and I can't support that.
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