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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
to me any of the SSDs I have used had very little noticeable improvement I am not talking about benchmarks just what I noticed is that boot times where quick other then that there is no noticeable differences. as for gaming performance most games use more of the Video card then anything else also I would guess that it would depend on the games age and such. that 24 gigs of ram is way way over kill I have 12 gb ram and I doubt that I use 1/3 of it when I have a game running with a couple vms, plus downloading all in the back ground.
Your doing something wrong then.. :P

On the SSD, it will make anything on it MUCH more responsive (loading times etc)
I agree though that for games an SSD is definitely not the main thing to invest in..

On the ram.. 24 GB is overkill... 8 GB is enough for nearly everyone at the moment.. but Ideally for you I would have suggested 4x4GB as you have a QDR system.
Running skype, Steam, Origin, Live messenger, 11 tabs in browser, media player and a couple of explorer windows, sticky notes (and a couple of gadgets) I'm using about 2.5GB ram..
That can go up to 5GB in demanding games and lots of stuff open at the same time.. but still doesn't ever max out..

With Vm's it really depends on whats running on them (os and application wise)
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