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My System Specs


The 3TB Seagates will be faster than your 300GB drives (probably even with them raided or very close to it)..

I wouldn't even bother using the 300GB drives... sell or pass to another system..

But if you want to use them.. then raid 0 on the 300GB for your games and then either have the 3TB as 2 separate drives or mirror them in a separate raid array.

All depends on how important your data is to you..
I've never had any even relatively modern drive fail on me so personally I'm not that worried and the bit of data that is important to me is backed-up in 3 different locations (my pc, my laptop and my bro's PC)

If the data isn't that important or if you have it backed-up else-where then by all means go for raid 0 on the 3TB drives too..
But be warned you could have a raid array failure much easier than a drive failure... I have had this happen a few times..
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