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My System Specs


Thanks for the input both.. Got the Trittons ordered.. but had to pay $47 for express shipping.. :O

If I had been 1 day earlier in realizing the mate was in the states then I could have saved that.. but they are still cheaper than getting them here (even second-hand in many cases)

Gotta say it really sucks.. I can get standard delivery from UK to Ireland in 2 -3 days for $10.. granted it's probable that it's much larger distance but it still sucks..

Can get the xonar DX here for cheaper (had to buy from bestbuy) so I'll be ordering that when i get confirmation that he got them..

Again cheers for the input..

Last question... is it possible with the xonar DX (or any soundcard that is sub $100) to separate the channels?
What I'm looking to do is have the 5.1 headset AND a 2.0 speaker system connected at the same time..
have the speakers receiving stereo of everything the headset gets.. or better a totally separate selection (like a separate audio device)..

I don't want to have to go around my desk every time I want to switch them and would rather run the speakers from the new soundcard than the on-board as
I think they are of sufficient quality to see some benefit.

Any ideas?
Can the xonar DX do this.. if not is there another card that can?
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