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My System Specs


As said above.. UK prices.. these are £90 ($180) in the UK so I will be skipping them..
That said I was looking at GameShark® Store - TRITTON - Tritton Headsets
Now these MAY be an option if:
1) I can find them a bit cheaper
2) The optical out on my mobo, an Asus P6X58D-E, gives the quality I'm looking for without a sound-card? or does it still rely on the on-board sound?

Also I've heard of the plastic in the headband splitting very easily..

I really hate being ripped off for price so the kaves are looking good.. Though I've seen allot with dead mics or a faulty speaker etc.. also apparently they are very heavy..
(granted any 5.1 headset is going to be.. but thought I would ask)

Can anyone suggest some good cans that I could consider?
Granted they won't have the directional that I'm looking for but if the sound quality is high enough then it's not really a big deal

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