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My System Specs

Default Upgrading from oc'ed i5-750, worth it yet?

I got the upgrade bug once again and been out of the loop for around ayear with computer upgrades and roadmaps for cpus.

Strictly for gaming, my 750 is running nicely at 3.2 all the time, super stable, never a hic-up.

I'm "stuck" with a motherboard that does not have SLI(what a mistake) so I cant just slap another videocard and get good improvements for cheap. Currently running a overclocked MSI GTX560 Ti448. LGA1156 mobos are pretty much gone in the new stuff otherwise I would have went that route.

How much of an improvement would I really see if I replaced my mobo(I would get SLI this time...) with a newer LGA1155 and a 3570k?

Or I should just tough everything out for another few months to replace the whole thing?
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