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Thank you both Jdrom17 and Leclerc, i might go with the silverstone cause i don't plan to do anything serious right now (crossfire/sli). Also thanks for the directcanada, i been hearing a lot of rumors that its a fake site and nothing gets shipped out, but now im certainly convinced that id go with directcanada (sometimes ncix cause they got some stuff directcanada doesn't have). I will probbally use vista since i got a free buisness version since my laptop came with it. i might try those 38xx coolers out later.

Also im getting this keyboard and mouse (the ones i have right now are should i say this..crappy?)

Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse 2000DPI USB Blue Black ENG/FR
Logitech Wave Keyboard Black USB with Vista Media Keys

has anyone had experience with these products?

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