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i5 3570K - 215 on sale at newegg

Gigabyte GAZ77 UD3H - 150 newegg

NZXT havik 140mm CPU cooler - NZXT HAVIK-140 CPU Cooler w. Dual 140mm Fans

That combo will overclock very well (generally around the 4.6 to an upwards of even 5ghz) , will outperform the 8120 at stock and at overclocked speeds(so long as the OP is not doing any multi thread intensive applications), beats the amd setup by 40 bucks, AND the OP can use the 40 extra bucks to go get an asus direct cuII AMD 7950.

In this particular case intel would be a much better choice.

P.S. (Even if you wanted to get an asrock z77 extreme 3 mobo, and keep the stock heatsink, your CPU will still be on par with an OCed 8120 and you could try to shoot for a 7970 would would be much smarter choice for a gaming PC.)
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